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We love to experience breathtaking nature combined with awesome running. Taking that experience and sharing it with you and runners around the world. Our goal is to bring you awesome races that give you the best experiences. Our races are created with passion, creativity, and inspiration by runners, for runners.

We cater to runners by bringing you our awesome races, we also cater to race directors and organizations to help them reach runners around the world. We specialize in creating excellent experiences on all levels and touchpoints of an event. Discover how New Global Adventures can elevate your running experience today.



We bring you the best race experiences in California and Asia. Focusing on great locations, well-organized races, and awesome experiences. If you love to run, love adventure, and see the world in new ways then these races are just for you. Start planning your next race today.

Race Organizers


Do you have an amazing race in a beautiful location? Work with New Global Adventures to help grow your race for runners around the world to discover. We collaborate with you to apply our expert market experience and promote races to the global running audience.