Creating Amazing Running Experiences

As runners we are passionate about creating unique running experiences that we want to run. Our race events focus on three key elements to bring runners a one-of-a-kind running experience. These elements are…



When considering to run a race, the location is often a key reason to participate, it is a great excuse to travel and experience a new part of the world while running a race. We enhance that experience by making the locations the star, giving runners access to beautiful sights and new trails or pathways to experience.



From first engagement with the event brand, going from start, running through the course and into the finish, it is all about participating in the race. We make sure everything is the best it can be, the course, the aid stations, the medal, the shirt, so runners can enjoy themselves and focus on having a fantastic run.

Silver Moon Race


These events always lead with the emphasis on creating a unique one-of-a-kind running experience. Introduce them to great locations, awesome trails, and a great race that will impact their lives positively. Creating lasting memories that they will want to share with their friends and family for years to come.

Where To Run?

Our awesome running experiences are divided by California or International locations.



Our home state and home to some of our favorite trails, locations, and people, not to mention some of the best year-round weather to enjoy while running an awesome race.



The world is filled with incredible locations that must be experienced, here we work to bring you some of the best International dream adventure races.

The Best Medals

Each race gets a custom medal that changes each year to give runners the best some of the best finisher medals in the industry.
Silver Moon Race