In October 2023 we hosted our final race of the year with the SPACEROCK Trail Race. It was a spectacular race experience. 2023 blew us away on all our races thanks to the incredible runners and superstar volunteers who came out to support and enjoy the experiences we created. We are humbled by the tremendous support we get from runners, volunteers, and sponsors who sign up for each race.

In reviewing the year we like to share some stats about our 2023 race year with you. We believe in having transparency with our participants and volunteers because these races are only successful thanks to your participation. Your support and commitment to participate inspire us and reaffirm that we are doing the right thing by creating a healthy and positive benefit for our community.  Combining our passion for running, creativity, nature, people, and love to create the best race experiences possible. We consider everyone who participates in our races to be a part of our race family.

We are pleased and thankful for the support from runners and volunteers as we continue to rebound from the pandemic disruption. 2023 turned out to be about 95% of pre-pandemic levels for us. All signs continue to point in the right direction and the enthusiasm we are seeing from runners and volunteers is awesome and humbling. To everyone who was a part of our races, you made this possible and for that we are grateful, thank you.

Each of our races is a labor of love, we work on them year-round to bring you the ultimate “race day” experience. We are deep into 2024 preparations and are super excited to continue working hard to bring you our signature race experiences along with a few new surprises.  We can’t wait to show you what we have in store once they are ready to reveal. For now, pat yourself on the back for a great year of running accomplishments, and enjoy our 2023 review in the infographic below.



As we wrap up 2023, our sights shift forward to focus on the 2024 race year. We continue to review each race and see how we can improve them, we’ve reviewed your feedback and are considering everything that helps improve the race experience going forward.

Currently, we have 7-races scheduled for next year. Save the dates below. Now is the time for you to start planning your 2024 running year and make it your best year yet. If everything works out, we’ll have a few new surprises to announce, stay tuned…




We put a lot of thought and attention into our races to bring you an awesome experience each time. A large part of that experience is our amazing family of volunteers who give back to their community through our races. Over the years we have had over 1000 volunteers who contribute to making each race awesome for you.

Below we honor everyone who volunteered in 2023, as they say, it takes a village to create a great race experience, our volunteers are true superstars in our race family. Thank you to everyone for making it awesome!

Abby Whitelock
Adam Lamoreaux
Adrian Vizcarra
Adriana Quintero
Aline Santistevan
Alma Zavala
Amanda Houck
Amanda Lopez
Amy Edney
Ana Anguiamo
Anahi Lemus
Andre Tovar
Anthony Perez
Anthony Solorzano
Arianna Pettit
Avtar Ararie
Beckie Warloe
Benjamin Gomez
Bertina Joseph
Bianey Carter
Blanca Silva
Blanca Vasquez
Brent Parrino
Bri Meyer
Brian Edwards
Bridget Sandoval
Byron Moore
Camila Quintero
Carl Jacobson
Carlos Tapia
Carlos Vasquez
Cecilia Rivera
Charity Miranda
Chris Pettit
Christie Edwards
Claudia Rodriguez
Cliff Lattier
Dago Calderon
Daniel Johansson
Daniella Barajas
Danielle Ludwig
Danny Alejo
Daren Povar
Darren Rogers
David Simon
Daxon Beaumia
Dennis Colato
Deo Jaravata
Dulce Gonzalez
Dylan Plante
Eli Peneda
Eligia Pineda
Emerson Dieutto
Emma Ponoroff
Eric Ayers
Erika Ehlert
Ervin Velasquez
Eva Velez
Evelyn Francisco
Fabian Solorzano
Faith Gayou
Flor Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez
Fred Nalangan
Gannon Jacobson
Genevieve Antognazzi
Gloria Gonzalez
Grant Roth
Greg Sillifant
Guadalupe Carrillo
Hannah Roth
Harvey Espinoza
Holly Baez
Hortensia Carter
Idalia Cabrera
Idalia Gonzalez
Imudiase Aimiuwu
Indra Lopez
Irasema Vargas
Irene Ramos
Irma Conrique

Isiuwa Aimiuwu
J. Leigh Hawley
Jack Fierstadt
Jackie Valdovinos
Jake Miranda
Jamee Brandt
James Day
James De Jesus
James Lopez
James Mitchell
James Rodriguez
Jamie Crissman
Janice Matteson
Jason Ponoroff
Jassmine Enamorado
Jeannette Hinojosa
Jeff Solomon
Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer Ridnour
Jenny Maccarone
Jenny Vo
Jessica Mance
Jolene Quier
Jose Batres
Jose Battres
Jose Penuela
Jose Villarreal
Josh Patterson
Juan Carlos Cortes
Juan Flores
Julia Taylor
Julie Parrino
Justen Carter
Kaia Miranda
Karalyn Tiengerd
Karla Helsley
Karla Regalado
Kayla Voong
Kayleen Todd
Keith Reel
Kenneth Laub
Kent Hatch
Kim Nieto
Kristine Rico
Leticia Espinoza
Leticia Hernandez
Linda Pulver
Lisette Enriquez
Liz Fuentes
Lizanea Tsuang
Lorraine Solomon
Lou Lobangco
Louise Borden
Magalys Hill
Magda Castillo
Malorie Alletto
Marcia Rasmussen
Marcus Francisco
Margi Varia
Maria Isabel Tejeda
Maria Morales
Maria Shields
Marianne Simon
Marie Scherb
Mark Juloya
Marley Sanchez
Mary Lamoreaux
Matt Browning
Matt Groeteke
Mayra Cornelio
Melanie Dayrit
Melissa Cruz
Melissa Tampus
Mercedes Amaya
Mercedes Johnson-Castleman
Michael DeTerra
Michael Ferree
Michael Gonzales
Michael Pascual
Michael Velez
Michelle De Castro-Clark

Michelle Newell
Miguel Velez
Miranda Harned
Nadine Fischer
Nadya Senftleben
Nic Montebon
Nicole Nemiroff
Nidia Mata
Nikki Tang
Nina Evans
Ninette Camoac
Noemi Guzman
Nora Rodas Morales
Odais Gonzalez
Omar Buso
Oscar Vargas
Patrick Ellis
Patrick Hartman
Patti Miller
Phillip Aronoff
Phillip Park
Raul Garcia
Rebecca Melendez
Rebecca Ruiz-Penuela
Rebecca Waldorf
Richard Walburg
Rick Callais
Rob Muir
Rohan Francisco
Roland Francisco
Rose Lobangco
Roy Norda
Roy Peterson
Rusty Legaspi
Sally Ferree
Salustia Ardon
Sandra Reyes
Sandra Sermeno
Santiago Tejeda
Santosh Singh
Sara Wilhelmi
Sarah St.Clair
Sean Finegan
Shane Mann
Sheila Sweet
Sheny Espino
Siegen Dieutto
Sofia Morales
Sonya Mansfield
Sophia Mitchell
Stacia Wilkerson
Stephanie Ayers
Stephanie Viramontes
Steven Nguyen
Stovey Baca
Sue Haegele
Susan Fausto
Tariq Rahiman
Tepei Liu
Teri Porter
Tim Kim
Tracy Peterson
Trinh Baxter
Tyler Tolentino
Vangie Paragas
Veronica (Roni) Andrus
Veronica Howard
Vicente Castro
Vicky Loera
Victor Mejia
Vilma Cruz
Vincent Kondo
Virginia Marquez
Vivianne Nalangan
Wendy Kojima
William Castleman
William Whitelock
Yuridia Herrera

If you are not running one of our races then consider volunteering to experience the other side of it and support your fellow runners.

Discover the fun, excitement, and gratitude of giving back to your community. Plus all volunteers earn FREE race entry credit towards any of our California races, and chances win awesome raffle prizes and cash at our crew training for each race.

We are currently accepting volunteer sign-ups for each of our 2024 races. Simply visit the volunteer page on the race site to sign up.


We are always humbled and in awe of the amazing runners and volunteers at our races. Something magical about this community that comes together on race day. Friends see each other again, new friends are made, goals and milestones are achieved, and we smile, curse, cry, laugh, and love together.

Thank you for allowing us to bring these races to you. You make it possible for us to do this full-time. We would not be able to do it without your support. From our hearts, we are grateful and you truly are rockstars, forever a part of our race family, thank you. We can’t wait to see you in 2024! 

Happy Running,

Terry & Jenny
New Global Adventures