In October 2022 we hosted our final race of the year with the SPACEROCK Trail Race. It was a spectacular race experience. In fact, all our races in 2022 blew us away thanks to the awesome runners and superstar volunteers. We are humbled by the tremendous support we get from runners, volunteers, and sponsors who sign up for each race.

In looking back over the year we thought it would be nice to share some stats about our 2022 race year with you. We consider everyone that participates in our races to be a part of our race family.

Overall we are pleased and thankful for the support from runners and volunteers as we recover from the pandemic disruption. 2022 turned out to be about 85% of pre-pandemic levels for us. All signs are pointing in the right direction and the enthusiasm for returning to races is awesome. Thank you to everyone who was a part of our races, you made this possible and for that we are grateful, thank you.

We are super excited to bring you our signature race experience in 2023. For now, enjoy our 2022 review in the infographic below.