Making Awesome Memories

Getting awesome race photos after running a race can be one of the best surprises that extend our race experience. Race photos capture the excitement, energy, passion, and love of our races.

They capture us in various moments of action as we run, sometimes we don’t even know we are being photographed as we are focused in the heat of the moment, while other times we see the photographer and we begin to smile, step up our running form and energy, or give a fun pose to capture our happiness while running.

At every race, we make sure to have photographers there to capture your running experience for you. We feel this is a benefit that adds value to your race experience. Best of all the photos are FREE, not covered with terrible watermarks, and then sold at a premium. No, we believe in giving away our race photos as part of our overall race experience for you. This way you can look back and rejoice in your accomplishments, to share them with family and friends.

380,164 FREE Race Photos

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2023 Silver Moon Race: Reedley Photos

Silver Moon Race

Reedley, CA

12K / 6/12/24-Hour / 100M / Solo or Relay Team

2023 – 5,331 Photos
2022 – 4,133 Photos
2019 – 6,021 Photos
2018 – 2,169 Photos

2023 Silver Moon Race: Paso Robles

Silver Moon Race

Paso Robles, CA

2M / 10K / 6/12/24-Hour / 100M/ Solo or Relay Team

2023 – 4,174 Photos
2022 – 3,980 Photos
2021 – 2,784 Photos

Arts Run Photos

Arts Run

Santa Clarita, CA

10K / 5K / Kids Dash

2019 – 4,048 Photos
2018 – 3,338 Photos

Thank You Photographers

All these awesome photos would not be possible without the incredible photographers who come out and capture your race experience. Some are professional photographers we hire, others are volunteers that love to take photos, and some are from you the runners who share your epic shots to be included with the official race photos.