Creating Amazing Running Experiences

As runners we are passionate about creating unique running experiences that we want to run. Our race events focus on three key elements to bring runners a one-of-a-kind running experience.

Location: SHANGRI-LA Marathon


When considering to run a race, the location is often a key reason to participate, it is a great excuse to travel and experience a new part of the world while running a race. We enhance that experience by making the locations the star, giving runners access to beautiful sights and new trails or pathways to experience.

RACE: Running Trails


From first engagement with the event brand, going from start, running through the course and into the finish, it is all about participating in the race. We make sure everything is the best it can be, the course, the aid stations, the medal, the shirt, so runners can enjoy themselves and focus on having a fantastic run.

RUNNERS: Happy Winners


These events always lead with the emphasis on creating a unique one-of-a-kind running experience. Introduce them to great locations, awesome trails, and a great race that will impact their lives positively. Creating lasting memories that they will want to share with their friends and family for years to come.

Discover Amazing Race Events

The following running events are founded, co-founded, or promoted by New Global Adventures.

Grit OCR

Prepare to experience a new obstacle course race that digs deep and challenges you to push yourself to new levels of physical endurance and fitness. Located in spectacular mountains north of Los Angeles in Santa Clarita, California. Featuring amazing trails, punishing obstacles, killer hills, and epic panoramic views. Grab your friends and family, bring the kids, and get ready for the ultimate race experience this February!


  • DATE: February 16th, 2019
  • DISTANCES: 10K / Kids Run
  • COURSE: Trails, hills, obstacles
  • LOCATION: Santa Clarita, CA
Visit Grit OCR


Southern California features a diverse range of nature and terrain, giving runners a wide variety of spectacular trails to experience. Located north of Los Angeles up against the California State Park is Valencia, a suburban community that is surrounded by classic hills and mountains featuring awesome trails.


  • DATE: March 30th, 2019
  • DISTANCES: 10K / Half Marathon / 50K Ultramarathon
  • COURSE: Single track trails and dirt roads
  • LOCATION: Valencia, CA
Visit VALENCIA Trail Race


Running on ancient history, adventure runners rejoice with a bucket list race to run one of the 7th wonders of the world, a historic landmark, the Great Wall of China. Run through the steps of ancient history on what has been revered as one of the most challenging marathons on the planet. Your next ultimate running adventure awaits you!


  • DATE: April 21st, 2019
  • DISTANCES: Marathon / Half Marathon / 10K
  • COURSE: Challenging steep stairs, stone wall, trail paths, and farm roads.
  • LOCATION: Jinshanling Great Wall, China
Visit Run The GREAT WALL

Silver Moon Race

Discover the beauty of central California while running a 6, 12, 24-hour and 100-mile race, run individual or team relay through scenic farm orchards, under the canopy of oak trees, and along the majestic Kings River in California. Starting at sunset and running through the night under the vibrant glow of the full moon and stars.


  • DATE: April 20, 2019
  • DISTANCES: 6, 12, 24-Hour, 100-Mile
  • COURSE: Dirt farm roads
  • LOCATION: Reedley, CA
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Arts Run Santa Clarita

Celebrate the arts with the annual Arts Run in the Santa Clarita Valley, a creative and fun run/walk with art performances, activities, and displays throughout the run while supporting your community Arts.


  • DATE: April 27th, 2019
  • DISTANCES: 10K / 5K / Kids Dash
  • COURSE: Paved pathways, paseos, grass
  • LOCATION: Santa Clarita, CA
Visit Arts Run

Sugar Daddy Race

Celebrate Father’s Day by kicking off the weekend with an awesome race taking you on a scenic tour through the beautiful Santa Clarita Valley. Run with friends, family, and kids to take on the Sugar Daddy challenge while helping to support a charitable cause.


  • DATE: June 15th, 2019
  • DISTANCES: Half Marathon / 10K / 5K / Kids Fun Run
  • COURSE: Paved pathways and paseos
  • LOCATION: Santa Clarita, CA
Visit Sugar Daddy Race

Be The Light 5K

Each year the greater Southern California community of runners and walkers come together to support youths in recovery through the A Light of Hope charity, to show them that we are here for them and together we can make a positive impact on their lives. Bring your best night outfit, decked out with lights and colorful glow bands to shine your brightest in this awesome night run/walk.


  • DATE: September 21st, 2019
  • DISTANCES: 10K / 5K  Night Run/Walk
  • COURSE: Paved pathways and paseos
  • LOCATION: Valencia, CA
Visit Be The Light 5K


SPACEROCK: the final trail running frontier. These are the voyages of trail runners around the world. Your mission: to explore strange new trails, to seek out new life and new experiences, to boldly run where no one has run before.


  • DATE: October 12th, 2019
  • DISTANCES: Half Marathon / 10K / 5K
  • COURSE: Trails
  • LOCATION: Vasquez Rocks, Agua Ducle, CA
Visit SPACEROCK Trail Race

Four Sisters Ultra

Experience one of the most incredible mountain ultra races in the world at the Four Sisters Ultra on Mt. Siguniang in China. A once-in-a-lifetime race experience to run at the top of the world, featuring the highest mountain peak in Western China.


  • DATE: TBA 2019
  • DISTANCES: 100K / 60K / 45K / 35K
  • COURSE: Mountain Trails
  • LOCATION: Mt. Siguniang, China
Visit Four Sisters Ultra


A premier adventure race, a bucket list race that must be experienced by running enthusiast. Featuring an extreme mountain trail running experience that takes place on some of the most breathtaking mountains in the world, the Meili Snow Mountains, part of the grand Himalayan Mountain range bordering Tibet in China.


  • DISTANCES: Half & Full Marathon / 50K & 100K Ultramarathon
  • COURSE: Mountain single track trails, dirt roads, and village roads
  • LOCATION: Shangri-La, China
Visit SHANGRI-LA Marathon

YunNan PuZheHei Marathon

A one-of-a-kind destination race that celebrates the majestic beauty of the Puzhehei scenic area in Yunnan province of southern China. Featuring hundreds of green karst land formations surrounded with crystal clear waters and farm lands. These undeveloped lands are known for purest air quality in China. Providing runners a truly unique experience that they will remember for a lifetime.


  • DISTANCES: 5K & 10K / Half & Full Marathon
  • COURSE: Trails, pathways, stairs, and farm roads
  • LOCATION: Puzhehei, China
Visit YunNan PuZheHei Marathon

Virtual Kids Run

Run a race anywhere and anytime! Sign up to run a virtual race where you can earn a collectors medal or custom trophy while supporting a charity. Be Healthy. Awesome Trophies. Giving Back.


  • DATE: Anytime, Anywhere
  • DISTANCES: 5K / 10K / Half Marathon / Marathon
  • COURSE: Anywhere you run!
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What Runners Are Saying…

Keir G.

For me, finding somewhere like Shangri-La to come and do a race, is one the things you have to do before you die.

Keir G.

Brendan S.

The climb up the mountain track was really tough, but hitting the ridgeline and the first glimpse of the snow peaks made it all worth while. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

Brendan S.

Bertha E.

The race itself was amazing, the people and the landscape, the culture that you see in Shangri-La is like no other.

Bertha E.

Maurice D.

Well organized race in a spectacular setting. If you haven’t done high altitude running, this is a new test for yourself.

Maurice D.

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Running in Puzhehei

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